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A 5-star Hotel for Millennials → There are plenty of 5-star hotels on the map. But none with the Millennial umph of Onoma Hotel. We gave our clients a forward and original concept to differentiate from competition and target the exciting Millenials audience. A hotel with a digital heart, fully personalised, friendly and contemporary.
The concept of Onoma Hotel → In the universe of Gen-Y everything goes personal. Millennials control their lives through their smart phones and they are used to everything adapting to their personal interests. We envisioned a 5-star hotel that does the same and has "personalised smart staying" as its main concept.
All hyper, from name to branding → If you talk personalisation, there is nothing more personal than your name. We named the hotel "Onoma", the Greek word for "name", to express that the hotel can offer an experience that is so personal and unique, just like its guest's own name.
All hyper, from name to branding → For the hotel’s voice, we created a brand language recognisable by the Millennial audience. A brand voice that it can identify with, close to Gen-Y perceptions of fun, discovery and good times. Words, videos and images created were pre-designed to pass their style test, another first for a 5-star hotel in Thessaloniki.
The app and the digital heart → We wanted to create the feeling that the hotel knows you personally. Through a user-friendly app that we designed, the guest can receive messages directed only to them. The hotel can design experiences based on personal preferences and make suggestions through push notifications.
Gamification & Questionnaires → By downloading the app before arrival, the guest can engage in a rewarding game of multiple questions. The answers form a unique list of personal preferences than we then use to categorize guests. Not according to their age, or their country of origin but according to how they feel and what they like.
Corporate ID → The corporate ID initiates a dialogue between the hotel and its audience making contact with the receiver and project the hotel's friendly, "customisable" power and unconventional character. The material created has a clean, social feed-y vibe and a "directness", just like smart phone communication.
How to unbore a hotel entrance → You create an entrance that is customizable and social media friendly. We used led screens to form a "Π" that displays messages, videos and images. Α conference can have its own messages, newly weds can make quite an entrance and the hotel can communicate how it "feels" in different occassions and seasons.
The most instagrammable basketball court → We had an idea. What if we could transform a redundant back terrace into the most "instagrammable" hotel facility? So, we created a basketball court, through Street Art, riding a trend called “anamorphic”. The bb court proved to be a true gem for posts and stories that all hotel guests want in their social feeds.
A story of ONOMA
Meet The Seeker → The Seeker represents the modern traveler who is seeking to have fun discovering the world. Going beyond traditional souvenirs, the Seeker is made for Millennials as a merge between archaic "Kouros" and action figures. The Seeker became a two meters statue at the hotel’s reception and has a full line of merchandise sold at the hotel’s e-shop.
Experiences as room upgrades → Rooms are not just rooms but spaces of personal expression. So why not customize them accordingly? For everyone to have the room they love, we created ten different experience themes that the guest can choose from and upgrade. Gaming, Rock, Wine, Wellbeing and more favourite atmospheres to spice up any Millennial stay.
Guests become perfume creators → To un-bore gift making we designed a perfume bar in the hotel that the guest can use to create their own perfume. Discovering the art of mixing scents, the guest enters yet another playful interaction with the hotel. To personalise the perfume even more, they have the opportunity to print their name or any name on the label. The perfume arrives in a sophisticated gift box.
Change a staircase into a Gallery → Even a staircase is a good enough inspiration for us. We transformed the hotel’s stairs into a Gallery, and launched a photo exhibition called the “Builders” by awarded photographer N. Vavdinoudis, with portraits of people that worked in the hotel construction. An idea that gave hyper voice to an otherwise silent space.
A website that knows your name → The hyper website for Onoma Hotel is a coded version of its approach, its philosophy and overall experience. From content strategy, artistic direction to all photos and videos, to graphic design and development, the website expresses the fun, originality and fresh spirit of the hotel. Just write your name before you enter and see what happens. onomahotel.com
What we hyper created for Onoma Hotel → From the initial business concept to the name, the design of experiences, the environment, the signage, the ammenities, its digital core and applications, Onoma Hotel trusted hyper branding to make a difference in the hoteling business.
What we hyper created for Onoma Hotel → Hotel concept, Naming, Brand strategy, Logo & Visual identity, Brand manual, Guest experiences, Hotel guest App design, Gamification design, Facilities naming and logos, Menus design, Environmental branding, Signage, Merchandise design, Website design and development
Hyper credits → Onoma Hotel Team,
Argiris SER Saraslanidis, Kouloukouris Architects, Makridis & Associates, Nikos Vavdinoudis, Dimitra Barda, M-hospitality, Cacao Rocks, Christos Nikoleris, Artworx Ap, Framed Vizualisation, OWL clothes, Twins, Yannis Konstantinidis, Theodosis Georgiadis, Atrion Gifts


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