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At last, shop windows are over. Because, who needs them really?

We teamed up with E-Laptops in order to infuse some hyper spirit into the dysfunctional window display space of their physical store. The concept was to turn it into a full physi-digi experience room, integrating branding visuals, illusion art and architectural elements.

We completely removed the display window that flooded the already limited space and, in its place, we created a square room that peeks through the street through a porthole. A surreal “experience box” that provides conditions of artificial isolation for product testing and becomes the perfect backdrop for creating videos for social media use.

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The room was built to drive the imagination beyond stereotypical space limitations. A visual mosaic envelopes the viewer and creates a psychedelic setting. Illusion art was hand drawn line by line to cover the entire space. Testing new products or presenting a laptop now escapes into another dimension. It becomes an experience, fully instagrammable.

The experience box connects the physical plane with the digital world, defining a new transitional space. The circular peek-through window mobilizes the curiosity of passers-by, who now stop for much longer to see what’s going on. Inside, a psychedelic play of visuals and perspective takes place.

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