When it comes to scents, people crave for stimulating experiences and not for yet another perfume store packed with decanters. Pondering on this, we came up with the provocative idea of the e-p project, reexploring the way scents are created, presented and sold.

e-p means evolving perfumes and it is so much more than the sum of its exceptional products. It is a hyper brand, totally physi-digi in nature that bonds with audiences through unique shopping experiences. The physical store is an experience creator plus a social content generator, and the online store is the main selling place.

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With the use of led screens, audio atmospheres and scented probes, this session is about the ritualistic completion of a questionnaire. This collecting of likes, preferences and personal perceptions, guides the e-p research team to create the next e-p perfume. The session does both: generates precious social content and provides valuable data for future products.

Business model idea
Store concept & Art direction
Brand naming
App Design
Products naming
Brand strategy
Logo & Visual identity
Packaging Design
Customer Experiences & Customer Journey
Session Scenario
Video Art Direction
E-shop Design & Development
Environmental Branding
Signage & Messages
Social Media Guidelines

e-p is a brand ingeniously connected to social media. It draws power from its social interactions and sharable content. People become the ambassadors of the unique experience they just lived and communicate their story with popular posts on their social feed.

Youtube video
Youtube video