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There are plenty of 5-star hotels on the map. But none with the Millennial umph of Onoma Hotel. We gave our clients a forward and original concept to differentiate from competition and target the exciting Millennials audience. A hotel with a digital heart, fully personalised, friendly and contemporary.

Hotel concept
Brand Strategy
Logo & Visual Identity
Brand manual
Guest Experiences
Hotel Guest App design
Gamification design
Facilities Naming
Environmentals & Signage design
Website design & development

From the initial business concept to the name, the design of experiences, the environment, the signage, the amenities, its digital core and applications, Onoma Hotel trusted hyper branding to make a difference in the hoteling business.

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Rooms are not just rooms but spaces of personal expression. So why not customize them accordingly? For everyone to have the room they love, we created ten different experience themes that the guest can choose from and upgrade. Gaming, Rock, Wine, Wellbeing and more favourite atmospheres to spice up any Millennial stay.

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The Seeker represents the modern traveler who is seeking to have fun discovering the world. Going beyond traditional souvenirs, the Seeker is made for Millennials as a merge between archaic “Kouros” and action figures.
The Seeker became a two meters statue at the hotel’s reception and has a full line of merchandise sold at the hotel’s e-shop.

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An instagrammable basketball court

We had an idea. What if we could transform a redundant back terrace into the most “instagrammable” hotel facility? So, we created a basketball court, through Street Art, riding a trend called “anamorphic”. The bb court proved to be a true gem for posts and stories that all hotel guests want in their social feeds.

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The hyper website for Onoma Hotel is a coded version of its approach, its philosophy and overall experience. From content strategy, artistic direction to all photos and videos, to graphic design and development, the website expresses the fun, originality and fresh spirit of the hotel. Just write your name before you enter and see what happens.
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