Shook has never been done before. We were asked to come up with a name and design the brand identity of a new radio station, instead we developed a whole new business idea, an innovative media platform totally targeted to the Millennials. The original first of its kind.

Business Model Idea
Radio Station Concept
Logo Design
Brand Strategy
Environmental Branding
Video Concept & Art Direction
Digital Campaigns
Signage & Messages
Radio Station ID
Concept Application & Consulting
Website Design & Development
Social Media Strategy

To feel shook is to be shaken by something. Shook Radio is a shaker machine for diversity, youth and authentic expression. It gives a big shout out to the Gen Z and calls them to take over the studios and tell their stories through radio air, podcasts, stories, and videos. We wanted real people to be the stars and the heroes.

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When others just see walls, we see the next story or Tik Tok video. So, we designed all Shook spaces and studios as selfie backdrops. Cameras and mics have been set to make filming and publishing easy. The website has been developed as the dashboard of all activities, an active space for continuous uploads with fresh Shookers’ content.

We don’t have stars. We have heroes.

Tria loves young complicated audiences. Based on the Tik Tok frenzy and understanding the existential need of Gen Z to communicate through social media, our goal was to bring forth the uncensored power of youths. And we made Shook Radio their real voice.