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Waterland has been a long standing collaboration of ours. A watery theme park, colourful, fresh and fun. We were asked to redesign its logo and set the tone for a new, contemporary branding language.

Inspired by the shapes and volumes of Waterland’s games, a most distinctive visual element, we created a tubular visual system. A set of three dimensional W’s were designed to highlight the park’s activities and values.

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The starting point for the design was to convey the great variety of Waterland’s activities and attractions while generating a distinctive visual signature as well as social media content. The W variations were used both to highlight the renewal of the brand while also creating a graphic environment of experimentation and fun.


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The design of the website was based on the same principles, focusing on the attractions, through a continuous, colour changing, tubular system as a navigation tool. Our aim was to simulate the park’s experience with the website’s visitor sense of playfulness and action. A view master scrolling on the homepage was designed to introduce Waterland’s games and themes.

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